TENA® Flex Super Sizes

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Fully breathable one piece belted brief style promotes less heat build-up against the skin, to help promote overall skin health for those with moderate to heavy incontinence.

Extra Wide Comfistretch Belt which conforms to the body's natural contours and movements ensuring a snug, more comfortable, body-close fit.  Soft, airy, non-irritating belt material has hook and loop fastening.  Extra wide belt and center hook minimize product roll-over to maximize wearer comfort
Flexible Elastic Bands added on the belt for increased ease of movement against the body
Instadri Skin-Caring System improves surface dryness, promoting healthier skin
Absorbent Core  thin fokr better fit, comfort and discretion, wide in th e back for increased coverage
All around air circulation Skin-Caring Backcover  combines skin-friendly textile covering and breathable Air Dry Layer, which allows liquid and odours to stay in while allowing water vapour to escapeity

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